Celebreality Bites: Volume 2

I was in ninth grade when American Pie came out. My brother and I went to see it at the Santa Monica AMC on one of dad’s Divorced Parents Weekends. We laughed. Hysterically. Along with the entire room of adolescent, prepubescent teenagers. What could be funnier than humping a pie?
Eight years later I am taking a hike up Runyan Canyon with my boyfriend and I see a bigger Jason Biggs moving up the hillside alongside us. And when he takes the lead, he picks his hike-induced wedgie. It’s the kind of thing that makes you never want to be famous in any capacity.


One thought on “Celebreality Bites: Volume 2

  1. Dan says:

    DON’T want to be famous?! It looks like not only did he BURN you on the trail, he left a young model to waft in–and subsequently blog about–the aroma of his freshly liberated rectum. I’m sure it smelled like roses.

    My verification word is ‘giserds’. I’m gonna go look that up.

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